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The Vinimark Podcast

Jun 4, 2021

In the latest Vinimark Podcast episode, Jono talks to the enigmatic Callie Louw - the custodian, farmer and winemaker at Porseleinberg, about the effects of drought, both in the vineyards, and also in the glass.

Whether one is a wine drinker or not, most of us understand that, when it comes to farming,  drought is a bad thing. But wine lovers will know that vines are at their best in marginal environments, where everyday life for the plant is a struggle. This point is never more obvious than when we look at how many of South Africa's most exciting wines come out of some very harsh and dry environments. 2015 - 2017 were some of the driest years on record in the Western Cape, but the 2015 and 2017 vintage were also touted as two of the most exciting vintages of the decade.