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The Vinimark Podcast

Sep 14, 2022

In July 2022, Vinimark gathered a panel of some of South Africa's pioneering black wine marketers, distributors and retailers to discuss the expectations and needs of black wine drinkers versus what wine marketers and retailers are actually delivering. The conversation highlighted significant challenges, but also clear opportunities for producers who are willing to take the time to build consumer trust the old-fashioned way.

And so it is that Vinimark is following up that earlier conversation by chatting to Thapelo Mokoena to try and answer those questions.

Thapelo is the co-owner of the Nero wine brand, which is a joint venture between Bosman Family Vineyards (South Africa's largest Fairtrade producer) and Bakoena Brands - Thapelo's own stable of food and hospitality businesses. Thapelo is not only a wine brand owner, but also a restaurateur, film actor, and TV producer.